Residence Sara is situated at fifty meters from the Molo Audace and Piazza UnitÓ d'Italia, the largest European Square, overlooking at the sea, and a puff of north wind from the main attractions and shops in the city.

Always it has been a crossroad of people and cultures. Trieste is a city of literature and a commercial hub, overlooking at the sea and close to Karst area. You can live again the ancient history of the early centuries of Tergeste by admiring the Roman Theatre and the Arc of Richard, or "touch" the melting pot of the city through the many churches of different religions. Trieste offers dozens of theatres, museums, shops and local nightlife. You can immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of literature Cafes where they've met great authors who have written about the city: Svevo, Saba, Joyce, Rilke, Slapater. You can taste typical specialties like ham in a crust of bread, jota, the memorial Austro-Hungarian mixed soups and fresh fish of the Gulf, accompanied by the characteristic wines from Karst and local sweets. And of course, different blends of coffees, served by skilled bartenders of Trieste in countless recipes.